Gold Credits Cheats World of Tank Blitz Android

Early on in world of tank blitz, you must get used to either losing often or staying in the background, then you will be brought to the arena where you will meet other opponents to shoot each other in which you will earn credits and experience points, and free experience, which all can be used for tank upgrades and for purchasing new tanks.

World of Tank Blitz guides

In line with this, it will be better to practice your evasion skills.
later on, you can sneak up on enemy tanks and shoot them in the back and sides to do maximum damage, as they are less heavily armored than the front.

Always take cover, to obscure yourself from enemy sights as they will still see you due to sensors.
At this point, you can use the terrain and the objects within the environment as cover to help shield you from enemy attacks.
On some occasions you can be destroyed by one shot therefore it is best to be cautious and use objects such as trees to provide cover.

You can use trees to hide or at least make you more difficult to spot therefore it is advantageous to stay in and around these areas rather than leave yourself in an open area.

Note that going to a clear environment will make you a clearly visible and an open target.
Therefore, try to stay close to a team mate if they get shot down before yourself then you can use their destroyed tank as cover and as a decoy for distant opponents.

You will come across many players with a powerful arsenal especially at the beginning of the game as there will be more experienced players than yourself who have managed to gain upgrades over time.

Furthermore, you can either engage with and kill one tank, or you can practice hit and run strategies, weakening enemy tanks gradually and letting your teammates do the killing whereby the second one works in your benefit because if they win, you win.

Choose some tanks based upon their characteristics and specification
Light tanks are fast with very little armor.
Medium tanks are medium speed, medium armor.
Heavy tanks are slow with heavy armor, meaning that they can take a lot of hits.
You can also use tank destroyers with their cannons to do huge amounts of damage to other tanks.

After you have good tank, you can go to the battle to get experience and free experience that you can apply to any tank.
In addition, after the battle ends, you can exit a battle early and then engage another tank in another battle to earn more rewards.
Moreover, you can send in another tank and battle again while you are waiting for the rewards from the first battle to show up.

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