Scrap Cheats Wreck em Racing on Android

Wreck em Racing is a new indie racing game, you must complete the main goal that is simply to race and win using one of many chassis and vehicle bodies and collect junk and scrap as the game currencies

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At the same time, you will be allowed to collect junk and scrap, that you can use to buy more upgrades and race for more challenges.

With those currencies, you can customize your cars in which you will be able to purchase different vehicles bodies such as van, truck, etc.
And you have all of the chassis to choose from right when you play the game for the first time.

So with that stuffs, you can actually make any difference in the performance of your vehicle in which they will bring you to race confidently.

When customizing your cars, every chassis has its own advantage and disadvantages.
Meanwhile, the fastest one is the drag racer, so that must focus in order to handle it correctly.

In line with this, you can start your turns earlier and drift into each turn
Furthermore, with the real tight hairpin turns, hit the brakes first to slow down into the turn.

Playing in normal mode will give you an access to earn junk.
Along the way, if you can finish in last place in normal mode, you will earn 5 junk
And, if you can finish last in easy mode and you will earn 1 junk, and then 7 junk if you finish in first place.
Moreover, you can rack up junk over 40 for first place in normal mode.

On the other side, racing in dash mode will also give you extra junk easily because you will take a race only one lap.
Alongside, you will earn the same amount of junk whether you play in sprint or dash mode.

In addition, if you are offered with some offers available on this game, you must complete them in order to earn either free junk or free scrap that you will absolutely need throughout the game.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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