High Score Cheats Wrong Way Race on Android

Wrong Way Race is an old school arcade games that require quick reflexes to control and drive your car amongst four cars lined up on a circular, two lane race track.
During the race, three cars are facing counter clockwise, but you will the black car, that is facing counter clock wise.

wrong way racing tips

When the countdown timer reaches 0, the cars go off in their respective directions so all you have to do is to avoid a collision with the other cars by switching lanes in time to avoid a crash – otherwise all of the cars go up in smoke

At the same time, you will be able to switch lanes by tapping the screen.
Furthermore, every time you make it safely around the track, you get a point.

In the beginning of the game, the cars are moving extremely fast.
Therefore, you must be really quick if you want to avoid collisions.

Moreover, the cars actually get faster every lap and it gets really difficult after going to the fifth or sixth lap.
You not only have to keep track of where the cars are, but you have to tap the screen in time so that they will not crash into each other.

Along the game, you will get the adrenaline rush pumped to avoid a car crash, which is what makes it so fun and addicting in the first place.
So try not to end up your little black car engulfed in flames in the lane.

In order to be successful at this game, you have to remember what lane you are in.
The cars move too fast for you to be looking at the black car and the other three cars, so try to keep track of where the black car is.

While controlling the black car, you must watch the other cars
Once knowing where your car is, you can feel free to watch the other cars.

When you see the cars switch lanes, go hurry to tap the screen or your car will crash if you do not do it quickly.
Doing so will make your car switch lanes to safety.

Besides watching the other cars, you must also keep watching the corners of the lane
Throughout the lane, the cars always switch lanes on the corners of the track and the cars will speed up each lap.
At this point, the cars will switch lanes faster and faster.
If you see the cars switch lanes, just tap the screen immediately.

In addition, the cars will not switch lanes every time they go around the track, so do not try to tap the screen on every lap
Simply remember to keep your eye on the three cars.

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