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In this gem-matching game, you will be assigned to match gems to clear away sand and rock so that water can flow between screens that will help you reach specific goals.
Gems on water or on empty ground will not provide you points when you clear them away, so make sure to clear with extreme prejudice.

diamond digger tips

You will also be able to match up gems on empty ground so that you can clear away certain types of materials sitting adjacent to the gems.

When clearing the ground, you will meet rocks, that can only be wiped away if gems are matched on them two or more times.

Furthermore, you will have to clear gold-streaked sand for lots of points whereby sand and rock streaked with gold ribbons can be cleared away for point bonuses.
And, doing so will also come to three-star a level for you.

When matching those gems, you will be allowed to use color burst which will give you power-up to make matches along the game.
When it is filled, the color burst can clear away all gems of any selected color.

On the other side, you should try to move downward for having extra moves
Every time you move one screen downward, you gain an extra two moves in which those extra two moves might mean the difference between victory and a game over.

Besides, you have to watch for exclamation marks that mean fireflies or toys.
In line with this, you will not be allowed to progress to the next screen until you clear out these particular toys or fireflies.
If you drain the board and leave them behind, you automatically lose a life.

In order to clear “pocked” sand, all you have to do is to make a match near it
Sand with craters in it can only be cleared by an adjacent match.
And some types of sand is particularly tough, and requires two matches to be erased either.

Making matches beside ice blocks will thaw them
Like pocked sand, ice cubes will only thaw when a match is made beside them.
And the gems within will not be able to be matched until the ice is shattered.

In the way of getting a high score, you can go for the gold blocks that contain high point content.
Break open as many as possible to achieve hard-to-reach high scores because gold blocks have higher yields the further down you go on a level.

According to this, you can try digging as deep as possible for a treasure room so that you can rack up a high score.
If you dig down to the level’s final screen, you may find a “treasure room” containing huge gems worth tons of points.

Sometimes, you will get a level’s water flow blocked by sand, rock, or ice, that will lack the correct gems to clear a path.
For such reasons, you can try digging upwards from the screen’s drain.

In the mean time, you can try moving a rocket before igniting it for better rewards
Rockets take off when you match them with two or more gems but do not try to ignite rockets fast.

However, you are able to try matching gems below to drop the rocket to a more useful spot and try getting the rocket to rip through rock instead of plain sand.

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