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The main goal of this game is to build and defend your village from being attacked by the Evil Shogun’s minions.
For such reasons, you need to build and upgrade your Palace then to unlock more treasures and train more powerful units.

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Moreover, in order to protect your village and anything needed, gold and sushi will be developed by your village itself overtime.
You can use gold to get resources for your army and to build stronger defense with new buildings and shields to protect your village from enemy raids.
Thus you can gather gold from missions, looting enemies, destroying goldsmiths while collecting via goldsmith buildings.

Meanwhile, sushi will be needed to train your forces so the more sushi you use the more stronger your soldiers will be.
And it can be gathered from sushi chef buildings and from looting enemies.
Destroy more buildings for having more sushi.

Furthermore, mojo can be earned from defeating other players in multiplayer matches.
And, completing tasks or quests and playing multiplayer battles will give you more jades.
Jades are used to speed up build time then add more gold or sushi, or buy shields to protect your town from other player attacks along the game.
In addition, collecting Jades is to invite your friends to play the game, so that you can earn 5 jades for every friend that plays the game based upon your invitation.

To complete the first level, just click on the larger area highlighted by Sensei and command all available ninjas to infiltrate the enemy castle, to loot and take over enemy territory.
In completing mission, you will be assigned to rescue the princess whom will act as a defense unit unlocked when you upgrade your castle to level 3 in this game.

Playing in the single player campaign contains 10 PvE levels, which will level up your ninja and earn up to three mastery stars in each campaign.
So simply create troops outside of battle in dojos, with different troops requiring different amounts of resources and time to produce.
Remember to keep a supply of sushi to feed training warriors then complete single player mode by looting all the gold and sushi from every castle.

On the other side, playing in the multiplayer mode requires coins to activate, and features timed battles that reward varying amounts of loot over time, based on how many enemy buildings are destroyed before losing all troops in the battlefield.
Each time you join in this mode you will spend gold, and winning these battles will give you Mojo, as well as sushi and gold.

Playing this game will give you unique units with special abilities like the Stealth Ninja to attack other castle invisibly
Besides, you will also have the Oni unit, the only unit type for defense that will stay active during an enemy raid, that can be summoned at the Altar Building and controlled manually to help in your defense or invasions during the play.

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