Woobee Silver Coins Cheats Fantastic Forest on Facebook

You will earn 4000 silver coins and you can collect “Silver coins” by selling the harvested crop for further.
On the other word, selling the items you grow, catching things, and building will be your main missions in the game.

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Once collecting them, you must save those coins to keep your inventory maximum expanding.
Then increase your inventory maximum ten slots at a time in which items must be in your inventory if you wish to use them in any capacity, including selling them or using them for crafting items.

Except coins, you will also struggle to earn another currency named Woobee as the premium currency of the game that is indicated as fireflies in a jar.
And this currency can be used to purchase the ability to complete a task quickly, such as growing a crop or crafting an item.

Moreover, you will also earn more of those currencies when you level up and complete certain quests that will also give you more rewards.
When beginning to plant crops, you will be given 6 farming plots at the start and few seeds available for free and few for coins.

To gain coins, plant seeds which are free and can give more coins.
When the crop is ready to harvest, do not delay in harvesting the crop, as the character will come and steal them.

Once you gain required amount of coins, you have to expand the crop immediately as it can help you grow more crops at a time.
After passing few levels, few caravans are unlocked so that you can create few items using combinations of veggies or fruits in Rose’s caravan.
Meanwhile, for creating these items you need to grow more crops whereby you should unlock the crop slots in every level.
In that progress, you can unlock “Nippy’s lighthouse” that will let you craft and unlock new items and sell them for coins and XP.

In a daily basis, you visit your neighbors to get few items which can be used to finish up the quests.
So help your friends by clicking on trees or cleaning the buildings so that they would give you rewards.

In accordance with that lines, you can invite more number of neighbors to send requests and help them.
Finishing the quests will make you gain XP and coins in that you can increase and unlock new items in this game.

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