Free Coins Cheat Worms on Facebook

You can get Worms, the main form of currency in this game for free during having a battle match.
You can also get more xp when having a match for dealing damage to other Worms.
So you can reach the next level by having more on this and your level is displayed within the star to the left of the bar.

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Whenever you give a damage to an enemy Worm in the battle XP and Worms Coins will fly out.
So collect these additional bonuses by moving your cursor over them.

Each Worm has a certain amount of health indicated in the bar below your name.
The player having the most collective health will be the winner at the end of the match.

Always save your Worms Credits as these are much harder to collect than Coins.
Always do a more visit Worms a handful of days back-to-back to collect special daily bonuses

Complete tasks to learn more about the game and its mechanics, as well as to earn additional experience and fantastic rewards
You can also visit your friends’ islands daily to help them out in order to collect rewards bonus.
You can do this to stock up on XP, Worms Coins, and other stuff in this game

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