Silver Cheats Game of Thrones Ascent on Facebook

In this game, you will take the role of a lord somewhere in Westeros, with allegiance sworn to one of the main kingdoms
Later on, you will have to accomplish your goal that is to eventually unite all of Westeros under your own rule.

game of thrones ascent tips

Furthermore, you will also be allowed to control a new noble trying to find their place among the figures that rule Westeros and ascend to the Iron Throne.

You will also be able to make choices regarding a variety of story events and how you will choose to tackle them, with each action having different effects on one’s various traits: New Ways vs. Old Ways, Family vs. Realm, Truthful vs. Cunning.

Meanwhile, you can customize a variety of factors, including your stats and you can fight with the sword, or with a forked tongue and any other weapons available on this game.

For more adventures, you will require a Sworn Sword to accomplish some missions where it can be sent out to complete the mission in a certain way
In line with this, your characters can be upgraded and equipped with items to improve their stats in order to go through certain missions along the game.

Sworn Swords in this game can be a pain to constantly tap and collect from, so you can try to assign different ones to different missions that will be in PtP, PvP, etc.

Thus, if you want to hire more Sworn Swords, you have to gain experience levels in which each fifth level that you gain will give you a chance to unlock the ability and to hire another Sworn Sword.

And you will also have multiple options to complete a quest with a Sworn Sword.
Then all you will do is to select a style playing to their particular strengths, and to the particular method of diplomacy that you want to foster in your kingdom.

Note that Sworn Swords will die if they take up to 5 wounds, so if they get wounded, let them heal
On the other side, you must hire a new Sworn Sword to replace the old one.

Besides missions, you will also have to complete chapters before you move on tasks, quests and bonus goals along the way.
Moreover, you will be rewarded with more rewards for completing them, and for completing entire chapters available on this game.

So just choose your fealty depending on which background you chose then consider the various benefits of the background such as intrigue, battle, barter, etc before choosing your house.

In the way of winning each battle in this game, you must ally with your friends from Facebook, App Store etc that you just post for yourself so that other people can add you.

Then, if your alliance stuck at a particular rank, you can start raiding other alliances and winning the battle, so that your rank will increase quickly.

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