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In this match-three puzzle game, you will be assigned to match up peppers in order to make them grow, burst, and set off a series of chain reactions that lead to a high-scoring called pepper panic that will be main point of this game.

pepper panic saga tips

As Pepper, a puppy who prefers farming and eating peppers instead of digging up the traditional bones, you will go on a cross-country journey to grow the finest peppers you can manage in which your journey is occasionally impeded by an evil cat named Mr. Claws.

In line with this, you will be obliged to clear levels which means meeting different goals, each of which are defined at the start of a stage.
In the beginning of the game, you will get 50 gold bars which can be used to buy boosters or power-ups
Consequently, these power ups will help you get through a tough stage.
With enough gold bars, you will be able to purchase extra moves in any stage.

Just match three or more peppers of the same color to make them grow so when you match same-colored peppers of any size, they grow bigger each time and when a pepper sizzles, it will explode the next time it is matched up with three or more same-colored peppers of any size.

And when a pepper explodes, it sends out shockwaves that enlarges peppers that are the same color.
Moreover, when ten or more sizzling peppers blow up in a chain reaction, it will come to a Pepper Panic that will give you big points, and are sometimes used to clear certain stages.

Matching up three peppers will result in a growth, while matching up four or matching up five will clear a row or column based on whether your match was done vertically or horizontally.
Besides, matching five peppers causes peppers of the same color to grow up by one stage and matching an L or cross-shape will clear the row and the column.

On the other side, collecting peppers requires you to match up three or more specific peppers until you have gathered the requested amount.
Furthermore, many levels require you to grow and blow up peppers of select colors, though there are some stages that let you blow up peppers of any color.

Note that every stage in this game requires you to perform one or more tasks in order to clear the level and move on.
And some stages will get you to earn at least one star in which these stars are given when you score a certain number of points.

In each level, you will only have a certain amount of moves to meet all a stage’s clearance requirements. When you have a very small number of moves, you can send moves to friends who are also playing the game so that they can send moves to you to be added in yours.

Except moves, you will have to get boosts to help you out by instantly growing peppers of a certain color, or by protecting peppers from Mr. Claws so that you can clear certain stages within the allotted number of moves.

In addition, it will be difficult if you have a small number of moves.
Therefore, before starting to move, take a time to make sure each move will come to a good result.

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