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Here, you must complete the first action in that it will also complete the game’s first goal as your first success.
Once doing that, you are able to claim your reward by clicking on the “Claim reward” to get it into your inventory at that time
Playing this game for the first time will assign you to build structures that can help build your army with resources and other stuff.

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One of the first structures you need to construct is the Landing Zone.
Then to build any new structures, you must click on the construction button in the top right corner of the play screen to bring up the “Construction” menu.

In the placement mode, you need to move the building around until it shows as a green outline to place it down and the structures like the Landing Zone will take time to build.

Building the Landing Zone is useful to supply your troops with rations they need to survive in that you can build your army by clicking on the radio in the upper left corner of the screen to have a list of all of the available reinforcements you can bring in to use in your army.

Then, click on the icon next to the picture of the soldier to bring them to your camp automatically.
Moreover, you can also choose to hire more infantry using the Barracks if you want to bring in more infantry without reinforcements.

After building the landing zone, you have to build a Barracks in which you can click on it and then click on the rush button.
Furthermore, you can click on the “Infantry” button on the right side of the screen in order to buy additional infantry units to use in your battles.

Contracts are needed to the success of your mercenary in the game.
So click on the “Contracts” button on the right side of the screen to open the negotiation menu.
Then choose the contract to negotiate to receive a certain amount of experience points for completing the negotiation whereby negotiating certain contracts will unlock types of soldiers you can hire.

One of your goals that you have to accomplish is to attack locations that your client wants.
For such reasons, just click on the “Attack” button to see a list of available military you can use, including infantry, drones, and vehicles.
Afterward, click on “Raid” button to finish the Attack then see how well your troops perform their actions in this game.

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