Gold Cash Cheats for Population in Sunshine Bay Facebook

This game provides you some active quests on the left side of the screen.
Each time you complete every goal of this game, you will receive a variety of rewards including experience and gold cash as the currency of this game.

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In order to earn experience and gold, you can complete cruises, as it will allow you to work toward unlocking new cruises and bigger money making opportunities.

In line with this, ships need three things for a cruise namely a destination, passengers, and fuel.
So just select your destination and your yacht will dock at the pier and wait to be fueled whereby you can earn plenty of fuel as you play the game

Once your boat is ready for a launch, click on it to load it with passengers in which they are a cherished resource to make money, and they will usually come by in the city.
Moreover, most of the housing you build will attract passengers, and all you have to do is to click on the building when the picture of the suitcase appears above it.

Furthermore, you can start off with simple areas, such as a practice run or a trip to a neighboring island while unlocking more distant spots, such as Cuba, San Francisco, or Bangkok.
Every time your boat travels around you will level up, so that you can unlock a new destination as well.

In addition, having yachts will increase the number of passengers per cruise.
And clicking the radar will inform you of any guest yachts that want to land at one of your piers.
Every yacht that will land on your pier will give you free money and resources, as well as provide help towards completing various quests.

If you want to get more gold, you can visit Delores, the default in-game friend where you can collect the gold and resources from her city.

Sunshine Bay is a cruise destination where the entire city relies on a tourist as a source of economy so you can take part to help it flourish.
The two main ways of doing this are arranging cruises and building the city’s attractions around the bay.

On the other side, the city is powered by two main resources which are population and power.
Anyway, both options are easy to come by just building new buildings then build more powerful buildings as you progress.

When building the city, you have a variety of structures that you can use as every building will do something different like having a dock to store a larger ship, or to speed up a specific process.
Besides, having residential buildings will typically increase the number of travelers in town.

Commerce buildings earn more money and industrial structures raise power output.
Building the piers and docks are the most important of the Port Buildings, as they will be used for loading and unloading passengers for cruises.

At all points, you need to place roads in order to connect all buildings in this game.
The construction symbol on the left side of the control panel will give you the options to build roads without spending cost though.

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