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Your objective is to fight and defeat monsters, complete quests, gain experience and build and expand your city to grow stronger among others.
Then, you will be tasked to take part in several daily events and the quests on your adventure

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For such reasons, you have to find a number of daily tasks you can complete to earn you experience, other loot and additional bonuses for having them completed one by one.

Defeating every enemy in this game will increase your level and exp that you will further need to fight against stronger enemies in the battlefield
Once reaching a high enough level, you will be able to access the arena from your city then fight your way through the ranks for experience, rewards, glory and victory as well.

However, before going to fight against the forces of evil, you have to become the strongest hero firstly.
To get into that phase, you will have gone through some battles and completed quests to gain experience and level up your heroes.

Once making some progresses in this game, you will increase your exp point but it will not be enough to go for having victory as as smooth as you imagine

Even you have the toughest heroes, weapons and armor to aid your heroes in battle, you will have to get better equipment on your adventures
So just go to the shops, and make sure you have your best gear equipped before starting your journey.
You can gain experience and become stronger along with skill points increased through some battles in this game.

With these points you can spend on new skills including in active and passive skills
In the active skills you can activate during battles that consume rage, such as the Ultimate Slasher attack
On the other side, passive skills that are always active, such as Heart of Rage will give you extra rage in the beginning of every battle.

When having a party in some battles, a true hero will take a point of fighting and defeating evil well in a team
In line with this, the residents of your city will be willing to be recruited into fighters to fight on your side.
As a result, you will have solid squad to go with you in your journey

In addition, once having your team made up, you must upgrade your troops in your barracks to make stronger for further
By doing such action, the troops you have already recruited will be automatically leveled up as well in that you will always make sure that your entire team get strong as they can be before going to the adventure of this game.

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