Angularis Light Beams Speed Review

Angularis will bring yourself in returning to a surprising amount of times in which you will be prompted to unlock new modes and challenges you with shines through and you have to chip away at your own high scores along the game.

Angularis Walkthrough

Playing this game will provide you light beams which are approaching at speed and it is down to you to align two other light beams with them.
Speed is the main point here as the beams will not take long at all to reach their plateau.
Then, things start out reasonably slowly, then soon speed up to levels that you could only succeed at while being instinctive.

When playing in the first mode you will simply line up two straight lines, but reach a certain point and Hexagon mode unlocks – eventually leading to Octagon mode.

The principle might remain the same but it is trickier with multiple moves often required in speedy fashion.
Each side of the screen corresponds to either going clockwise or counter-clockwise, and while early on you could get by with sticking with one side, you will need to manipulate both to have any chance of succeeding here.

But there is ad banners which are all too easy to tap on, as they appear quickly after failing in game. And some sessions of Angularis take particularly long to conclude in that it works pretty well as an easy game to dip into for a few minutes every now and then.

On the other side, the Game Center leaderboards play a pivotal role here in encouraging you to work towards a better score.
So go hurry to grab this game as it will be fun to play.

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