Review of Celleste

This game from elevator games sa de cv is the special kind of mediocre game with a good first impression, in which it is charmed by its lovely style
Also, this game will only turn gamers away with its tedious gameplay.

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This game itself takes place on a series of Super Mario Galaxy-esque tiny planets in that every new planetoid is populated with a small group of cows
Therefore, it is the time to guide them to safety within the teleportation tree.

When being in your attempt to guide some cows, they will be slow and not too bright, so you have to get them to go in the right direction that will require some prodding attention from the player.

Beside, they will even need to physically form a path for their herd by destroying immoveable stone structures with fiery flying space meteors.
In line with this, they can also find their own way by chowing down on grass obstacles, although this does slow them down even more.

Anyway, in most levels, your cows are constantly under attack by evil space bugs so that you can destroy these bugs with a single tap
However, many of them usually spawn at once, in which it will make you feel like nothing more than mindless babysitters for their herd.

Later on, playing this game will bring you in nearly 50 levels that make these paths creative or fun, like getting the cows to reach their nearby exit.
Furthermore, the game wants to excite gamers by making tense enemy encounters the game’s primary mechanic along the way.

In addition, Celleste‘s production values really do deserve gameplay that matches their quality.
At this point, the soft sci-fi world is really made well so that it comes to life in vivid detail with fantastic lighting, great dark pastel color choices, and silky smooth 3D graphics.

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