Doctor Who Legacy Review

Match-3 genre, Doctor Who Legacy will allow you to combine gems to clear up enemies on screen
Later on, you will take a role as The Doctor and you will bring your relevant trusty companion in an adventure through time and space

doctor who legacy walkthrough

The main point of this game is to match gems to defeat Daleks and Cybermen.
Playing this game will get you to a curious use of the license and it kind of works.

To play this game, you will simply move gems anywhere on screen, as well as setting up some great combos to beat enemies with ease.
On the other side, you can also recruit new members to your team, them level them up.

This game is fairly light and easy, but it is still quite satisfying to take out an enemy in one move.
Furthermore, you will be able to use special attacks to inflict on your foe that are very loosely Doctor Who-esque.

Moreover, Doctor Who: Legacy is quite good enough at dishing out stuff for free – although you can always skip ahead via in-app purchases.
In this game, you will not need energy meter in sight either, meaning you can simply enjoy rather than feel restricted.

Again, this game is a fairly regular combat-focused Match-3 game with a Doctor Who-based skin to it.
Also, you will be given with plenty of levels to tackle

However, this game lacks the crucial dialogue that will increase the show so entertaining
Plus, the menus and general visuals are pretty mediocre and far from eye catching as well.

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