Metro Redux Review

Metro Redux will take you go to the adventure and to choke on your dusty, irradiated air, in which you may wonder how the survivors of humankind’s nuclear error find the will to carry on.

metro redux walkthrough

Along the game, you will play in the metro tunnels beneath Moscow, and you will scavenge for ammo to use as currency as well as munitions, burn away cobwebs with your lighter, and search for gas masks that allow you to breathe the perilous air should you approach the surface.

The original game will bring you in crystalline fractals upon your gas mask, and it is a full snow in underway that is coming to a brisk chill.
The game offers brand-new of character models, replacing the dead-eyed originals with faces and bodies that look somewhat more natural.

Later on, selecting similar levels of challenge between the two games will get you to smooth the differences, and more like playing a single game that has been split into two units.

During the play, the tunnels and the surface above are both fraught with dangers, and you will feel all the more harrowing when you confront them after long stretches of only seeing signs of them and being warned of their presence.

You will explore more soaking in the darkness while firing a weapon, and even you can approach many situations as a stealthy hunter.

Alongside, the AI is aware of your presence, and once on alert, enemies are aware of potential danger but not of each other, allowing you to pick one off after another as they turn the same corner, or simply bumping into each other and walking in place should their respective destinations force them cross paths.

On the other side, you will get accompanied by your fellow humans who are weary and sometimes wise.
By the way Artyom acts as a conduit between forces that will not understand each other.
Besides, the metro’s residents and their stubborn refuse to succumb to travesty.
In addition, this game is not really about any one of these people in Artyom, though.

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