Flick Knights Review

Flick Knights is an arena-based multiplayer game where you will find two teams of knights duke it out on a sports field complete with a pinball bumper, obstacles, and opposing bases.

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This game concept is full of a sense of humor and a solid gameplay concept with some quick multiplayer action but certain design choices make it less fun than it could be.
You will move their team of knights around the play field by flicking a finger across the screen in the direction they’d like to go.

Your objection is to take out the opposing team’s base that you can do by hitting a bullseye target on said base or by defeating or flicking out enemy knights.

You will get your champion, if a player base’s life bar has emptied, then you will get a reward of experience points and currency.
Playing this game will bring you in a goofy, cartoony aesthetic set inside a bizarre bloodsport framework, which is completely in-line with the local or online multiplayer-only focus.

Meanwhile, every character is unique and interesting, with each one having its own special powers, base attributes, and personality.
All you will have to do is to keep playing with your characters so that they can earn the ability to buy even more knights to customize their army.

But, this game will not offer you a ability to retry a flick or to take back the activation of a special ability, in that this will not be particularly helpful when players are still learning character-specific movement styles and their special abilities, since none of that information is surfaced in the heat of a match.

Furthermore, you will come to a mode in which you will face-off in a live match with timed turns, which may not be conducive to players trying to re-flick knights repeatedly.
In conclusion, this game is a very intriguing game and it has offered you a solid set of mechanics and a charming sense of personality.

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