Review of Furdemption as A Puzzle Platformer from Raresloth

Furdemption is the puzzle platformer developed by Raresloth
This game presents great art and animations along with a responsive control system

furdemption basic tutorial ios android

Along the game, you will guide a cute, bouncy royal rabbit trying to make it through each level’s obstacles and grab the feather to build wings to escape from a place to another.
In other words, you will guide the bunny from the lava land to safe spot

Each level will offer an increasing amount of challenge where you will get to deal with new obstacles and enemies to overcome
To play this game, yo will simply swipe to move, and you figure everything out

Swiping in any direction anywhere on the screen will guide your bunny to explore the level
In the mean time, you can try to guide your bunny through all kinds of tricky passages in the level.

In each level, you must focus on collecting the feather and the coins
Every time you are in the mission, you can try to traverse the level without dying, which means you often have to run as fast as you can.

Once completing each level, you will have to go through 100 progressively-harder levels
Anyway, as a puzzle platformer game, this game is still worth to play on mobile platforms

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