Micromon Review

Micromon is the recent game to jump on the monster training bandwagon, in which it looks Pokémon and more popular titles
And, it is a formidable contender that should tickle the inner monster breeder in you.

Micromon iPhone Review

Moreover, this game is one of the slickest and best examples of what you can do as this is closer to the idealized Pokemon games.
This game is extremely polished, with an impeccable UI, bright colors, and gorgeous graphics that are very well put-together in side game.

Here, you will be able to do a quest to collect and train special monsters known as Micromon which definitely take cues from their big brother Pocket Monsters, and it will bring the RPG-lite elements that accompany you on your journey are fun and engaging.

You can be allowed to collect a large variety of Micromon, and each comes with its own unique sets of attacks as well.
You will explore from town to town as well as acquiring approvals from each town and its most talented trainers
Then, by the end of the journey, you will realize that it is beginning to take one or two hits to fell nearly any enemy.
This game features an addictive blend of strategy and collecting that will propel you to the end.

Sometimes, AI opponents in this game just are not very intelligent.
It is like there is no detection when it comes to hit points and your opponent will randomly use a health potion when it is not needed.

In addition, the game does become much simpler as you progress instead of challenging, as your Micromon creatures gain levels fast
On the other side, seasoned veterans will find that they have gone and flown through the level much quicker than newbies to the monster collecting scene along the game.

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