Review of Skylanders SuperChargers

Activision Publishing is the one that has developed the Skylanders series coming into the popular game for the iod and android devices

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Now, this game is continued to the newest series, called Skylanders SuperChargers that you can play on mobile platforms as well

In this new game, there is a new story, new heroes to collect
And, you will be served with a new feature that is in the use of vehicles, which become necessary for both story advancement and optional content.

In line with this, the vehicles inside are generally categorized in three different types namely Ground, Air, and Sea.

To access optional content and complete all missions, be sure to pick up at least an air and sea vehicle packaged in the starter kit.

On the other side, you will get the vehicle sections of the story mode, which alternate between racing and pseudo-platforming sections with your vehicles.

Also, there is a fairly robust collection of racing mini-games where you can compete and get rewards by completing each challenge.
Later on, you will also have to upgrade your vehicles.

Every mission will feature a preferred elemental type that gets a status boost
And, each vehicle will pair well with certain heroes offering more attribute upgrades and aesthetic changes.
If you want to clear missions easily, you will have to collect them all

Anyway, this game has a fairly good reputation of offering decent platforming gameplay and combat mechanics
Besides, this game also offers good narratives which make a good balance between hilarity and story motivation.

In the beginning of the game, you can try playing with The Skylanders Academy, which acts as the hub for this game
And, it also improves above previous iterations with more customization and mini-game options

Meanwhile, every Skylanders’ move-set is fairly unique and you will get some upgrades to keep upgrading your favorite characters.

Anyway, the vehicle mechanics herein are a welcome change to the standard platforming elements
In addition, Skylanders SuperChargers is still a game worth to play due to great graphics built in.

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