Time Tangle Adventure Time Review

Adventure Time will take you to go with Finn and Jake to find the Time Totem and beat things up along the way until time and space resume normal operations.
Your objectives in this game will be served in amount of variety.

Time Tangle Adventure Time Walkthrough

This endless runner will get you to go through multiple environments throughout the Candy Kingdom, and you need to make sure your character remains unimpeded by the obstacles that inevitably crop up.

When meet some obstacles, you can punch them, jump over them, or simply avoid them by going around.
Also you need to collect a set number of items in a level
Then, sometimes you will have to go around and pick up a character to bring him or her back around to a different destination.

Completing missions will be able to earn you the deus ex machina device that you can use to restore order to time and space.
Once you have enough shards, you will face off against a boss, and then once that’s complete you can zoom ahead to the next area.

Anyway, the missions themselves do not always make sense, and a good chunk of them are frustrating and tedious.
Timed missions can be a pain to complete, especially if you have a mix of frustrating enemies that are difficult to beat in a level.

Furthermore, using the accelerometer as the default control method is extremely touchy.
You tilt the device left or right to move your character, tap to make them jump, and tap on the left side to punch.
And, you can swap between the two until you find something that works.

In conclusion, this game is an ambitious and enjoyable adventure under the Adventure Time banner, taking the trappings of an endless runner and turning it into something with a little more substance.

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