Pako Car Chase Simulator Review

Pako Car Chase Simulator will get you to drive your car as long as possible for racking up more scores and you will be able to select five different cars in five different locations from the Mall, Suburbia, Cemetery, Highway and Square

pako car chase simulator walkthrough

To control your vehicle is pretty simple as you need to use the left and right sides of your device to steer, but you will not have to worry about braking or speeding up.

In line with this, you need careen through five different levels, including a graveyard teeming with zombies, and even a square with tanks while using an actual rickshaw.
In order to keep the chase going, try to avoid hitting anything even if you so much as clip a tree, you will be forced to start over.

To get more fun, try to be more precise with each play whereby the police are always hot on your trail every second of the game
Therefore, do not worry about your surroundings, but the police as well.
Every second you gain against the clock in subsequent playthroughs, you will get closer to a victory.

However, the controls sometimes are not truly conducive to your cause
And, smaller corrections to your driving directions will not be exactly simple to make.

Also, the difficulty may end up turning potential players away as well, as it does take some effort to become a competent player.
In conclusion, this game is a unique and exciting car chase simulator game that is wort to play.

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