Panda Pandamonium Review

Panda Pandamonium from Big Fish Games is being transformed into something much more enjoyable and modern that it is regarding with the traditional pastime Mahjong.

panda pandamonium official walkthrough

This new game is a kind of adorable, fast-paced, that you will be served with the most addictive spins on the traditionally slower titles, and you will be ready to get your panda on it.

Along the game, you will be assigned to accomplish the main goal that is to clear tiles from multiplayer layers across the board and to save the lives of adorable little pandas that find themselves trapped between tiles.

To do this, you need to simply match tiles with the same images on them and work your way across the board to clear out tiles in Panda Pandamonium
But, doing so is not always going to be that simple.

After making a progress through the game, you will find newer obstacles in your way, such as unbreakable blocks and tiles with specific elements on them.

In line with this, you can only get rid of specific tiles by placing them next to the element that will conquer them
It is like putting water tiles next to fire tiles to “extinguish” them.

Later on, you will face a handful of boss encounters in the form of fights with dragons that will keep you busy
And, if you get stuck at that stage you can always reshuffle the board then make sure you have got access to the most viable matches available.

Anyway, this game can be difficult to make the right matches the tiles and it also operates on the typical free-to-play model that allows you three lives per day.

Once completing each objective, you will get another life
However, when you run out of it you will be prompted to purchase more lives or you can wait until you earn additional lives to move on next.
In conclusion, this new game from big fish games is a fluffy yet substantial update to the classic game of mahjong, and it is worth to try.

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