Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Review

Phoenix Wright from capcom is coming with the full 3D graphics and character models look fantastic.
This game has been added with new feature that is a brand new emotional guessing game that makes investigating cases and coming to a ruling a much more engaging affair.

phoenix wright ace attorney dual destinies walkthrough

You will be experience such feature when investigating the actual crime scenes themselves, in which it works fantastically on the touch screen.
On the other side, unlike the previous Phoenix Wright iterations for mobile devices, playing this game feels as though it was built for the iPad from the ground-up, with perfectly scaled visuals and massive aesthetic improvements from the other games.

You can feel the music and voiceovers sound that will be fantastic as well
Moreover, it is so clean and perfect in that it really enhances an already excellent game that relies so heavily on musical and visual cues.

All of the individual elements in this game will combine to make this Phoenix Wright adventure one of the best ones to experience yet.
However, there is no new or additional content unique to the mobile version of the game, and while the first episode is free, then you must purchase additional episodes.
You will be able to buy episodes 2 to 5 in a set, but it is a little strange that the game was not simply released as one full package.

In addition, this new game is a smartly-crafted, fantastic-looking Phoenix Wright game that is worth to pick up, in which you can get the first episode for free.

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