Puzzle Roo Review

Riddle Roo has gone to ios and exhibited that there is still some life in the standard ‘squares drop from the sky’ riddle diversion.
This time around, Puzzle Roo is practically reminiscent of those square recreations that we offer youngsters to look into changed shapes.

Puzzle Roo New Review

An alternate sort of shape, for example, a star, loop, or square tumbles from the sky, and you need to turn the different stages underneath to guarantee that the squares achieve the base of the screen securely.

A tap to the left of the screen turns the stage one way, while a tap to the right moves it the inverse heading.
It’s basic and takes a couple of minutes to wrap your head around however is really powerful.

Every one level is very straightforward.
Frequently you need to gather various the same shape that will really direct.

Before long enough however, different difficulties rise, for example, foes that act as a burden and must be thumped out through a support move, adding an additional part to the diversion.

Chickens and eggs likewise assume a part with the need to place a home, emulated by an egg, then the chicken.

In each one case, the structure of the diversion continues as before, however it keeps things fascinating.

While Puzzle Roo isn’t the prettiest of amusements and its controls don’t feel as instinctive as one might want to adhering to tapping one side rapidly, its a fascinating new undertake a natural idea.
Sensibly overall valued as you can play it for nothing to look at it, it may well be worth your while.

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