Review Rex Rocket as A 2D Platformer Game

Rex Rocket can be categorized into a 2D platformer game, made with gorgeous pixel environments, and awesome power-ups.
Here, you will play as a space hero as either Captain Rexford or Rexanna where the ship’s AI goes rogue and releases all the deadly bio-engineered specimens.

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In line with this, you will help find your close friends, hidden power-ups, and powerful weapons, and you have to blast your way through a host of aliens and machines to take back control of the S.S. Montana as soon as possible

Rex Rocket offers a good shooting action, the tricky platforming
Also, you will see the bosses are a treat, and the design of the ship where the game takes place is strong.

Moreover, your character, Rex Rocket, has good physics and it has lots of fun toys to collect.
This game also features a virtual 8-way directional pad, and at least a PlayStation controller’s worth of virtual buttons.

Some of the controls work well immediately.
And, you can easily move Rex around and the jump button is large and easily accessible.

On the other side, you will get used to learning the button arrangement for your weapons so that you can switch the one you are firing without having to move your eyes away from what you are shooting at.

When dealing with the boss fights, their life bar is always visible, telling you just how close you are to making it this time while also providing clues about what does or does not damage them.

On the other side, in related to the practical upgrades, there are also 90 logs to find that provide some flavor text on the game’s universe.
In this game, you will have unlimited lives, so when you die you will respawn at your last checkpoint.
And they are laid out reasonably for progressing in the main path, so you will never have to redo a bunch of challenges before heading in for another go at the boss.

In addition, Rex Rocket is an excellent game with the design
But, the lack of buttons on touch devices, will sometimes let you down, and the game is just hard enough to make that frustrating.

Anyway, Rex Rocket is a fully-formed action-adventure game that does not make any compromises in its design.
it is also long, packed with secrets, and coming with optional challenges to keep you busy for quite a while on your adventure.

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