RPG Rusted Emeth Review

Kotobuki Solution Co Ltd has the new game named Rusted Emeth, where you will play as a hunter named Jink, an orphan whose town was destroyed in a mysterious event few years ago.

RPG Rusted Emeth Walkthrough

Later on, he will get accompanied by mechanic Nick, who supports him on his missions to hunt dangerous monsters for wealth and glory.
He then will meet the mysterious girl Rinne, and another from a sassy hacker named Nao who will help him accomplish a mission to take down an evil corporation.

Furthermore, a crafting system will allow you to create new items and gear from parts dropped by enemies during the battle.
With this combined equipment, you will be able to find the stuff in the shops, in which you will have to give your characters a bit of gear options.
This upgrade of the gear will boost one stat at the expense of another.

On the other side, you have to consider what kind of character or Golem you are putting together.
In the quest system, you have to accept sub-quests at any hunter’s building in the world.

And you will automatically go to the location of the quest, and when you have completed it, you can turn it in for a reward.
Completing quests will earn you extra money, because you will need it to keep your Golems up to date and in good working order.

You will need these Golems, because the way the difficulty ramps up in this game, you are going to be watching your Golems explode again and again.
In the mean time, they are good at taking out large groups of enemies
Moreover, if you do not keep investing in them, they quickly become glass cannons.

Meanwhile, your characters on foot can also be dealing and taking damage since their power is largely governed by their level
Anyway, if you do not consider to power up your Golems, they may well end up stronger outside of their mechs than inside.
At the same time, you will also face a ton of random encounters that hound you every few steps, but almost every fight will be over in the first round if you are suited up.

In longer fights, the combat system will provide a few unusual ideas.
Early on the combat, characters, Golems, and enemies all typically have shields that can restore a little bit each turn.

Attacks will wear down the shield, and the closer to empty it is, the more damage attacks will do.
When dealing with bosses, you need to chip down the shield with one or two of your other team members before you can really unload a lot of damage into them.

Golems need to be careful of their energy reserves, as bigger guns will use up more with an attack than is restored each turn.
You can equip special ammunition for your Golems if you want to pay the price for one-time use attacks.
Golems and on-foot characters are able to use of special attacks if they are equipped with a certain type of accessory.

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