Spooklands Dual Stick Shooter Review

Game developer luderia jogos digitais ltda has launched new game named Spooklands where it is to be a dual-stick shooter with a unique control method.
One-touch controls will allow you to shoot and move at the same time

spooklands walkthrough

Later on, you will be able to use your finger to control where you fire and simultaneously knock you back the other way.
Anyway, it takes some practice but it is pretty fun of doing things.

Playing this game requires plenty of strategy.
Along the game, enemies can come out of any wall, so you have to keep moving as it is vital while also taking out those foes at the same time.
On the other side, bouncing around the arena is kind of like a violent game of billiards.

In this game, you have two forms of firing with a charged shot and a regular shot.
The former one is more powerful and it can take out more enemies
But it has also got a hefty recoil on it, which makes you fly across the arena more rapidly.

At this point, combining the two of them will be the best way to rack up the high scores.
Alongside, some power-ups will allow you to pick up too
But, you are better off steering clear of them for fear of being overrun while trying to negotiate the arena.

You will not find leveling-up or upgrade system here, so making a progression and unlocking new sections will be important to your skill level.
Furthermore, it is an Endless game in that you will meet the presence of bosses, which can be pretty tough to beat.

In addition, this game will get you to struggle throughout the game.
Moreover, this game is an inventive mix and twist on the usual shooter format.

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