Sticky Soccer for Fast Pixel Games Review

Sticky Soccer will allows you to thump around colored soccer balls trying to structure gatherings of like-colored balls, which are then dispensed with from the small fields.

sticky soccer tricks

Focuses are scored focused around how skillfully one figures out how to make these gatherings.
As a little material science diversion, it could have been a totally fun redirection.

On the other hand, there are some odd configuration decisions that prevent it from being pleasant.
The visuals are splendid and merry, with distinctive colored soccer balls and a brilliant sky foundation.

However the sound leaves much to be sought – there is no ambient sounds whatsoever, which just serves to accentuate the sad slurping sound impacts that happen each time a ball touches an alternate bundle of comparative color.

Keeping in mind the design are flawlessly serviceable, the soccer field – skimming on an island amidst a practically void sky – is the ideal visual representation for the substance-less nature of the amusement.
When 2 or more wads of the same color touch, they coagulate into a lazy mass of weariness.

While the amusement hypothetically remunerates you for cunning shots, including a score multiplier each time you bank a ball off the side of the field, the truth of the matter is that when 2 balls are stuck together, they move with all the cheerful readiness of a sedated elephant.

So what could have been a flawless diversion about covering up trap ricochets rather turns into a ‘wad of uncooked batter’ test system, which isn’t half as fun as it sounds.
Also the soccer subject is completely stuck on, with no serious commitment to the diversion at all.

Sticky Soccer is not an especially decent diversion.
There are an excess of different billiards-esque physical science recreations that don’t get hindered in blunderous, antagonistic material science for this one to addition my pro

To play this game, shoot the soccer balls so that like colors collide.
When they do, they will become stuck together.
Once a cluster of these balls is formed, they disappear.
Clear all balls from the table, scoring as high as you can by rebounding off the edges of the pitch, collecting pickups or even leaving the ground for that airtime bonus
Shoot, score and trick-shot your way up the ranks, from Junior level all the way to the top of the tables as StickyBalls Elite.

You can also test your skills in Classic Mode, a game of endurance where each level gets increasingly more challenging.
Collect pickups, build up huge scores and unlock new tables to play in Arcade Mode featuring 12 all-new levels, new hazards and new challenges.

In Arcade Mode you have to clear a set number of balls from the table whilst getting the highest score you can.
Then you can take on your friends to see who can reach the highest score.

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