Tank Titans HD Review

Tank Titans HD is a game featuring a massive metal goliath rolling out the battlefield, annihilating enemy armor and flattening troop divisions.
You may wonder this big steel walk while roaring fire and crushing steel ahead it.

tank titans walkthrough

To play this game, you simply jump right into your tank and start working your way through a highly realistic battle map in your armored vehicle.
You will get involved in the tank battle where enemies in stronger wave of tanks will be coming full speed at you, in which it will be forcing you to react instinctively and instantly in order to survive another combat mission.

When starting a mission, you can select between three classic war tanks, and you can customize your tank in almost unlimited ways.
In line with this, you will be given with hundreds of different add-ons and improvements that can be unlocked, so your tank can remain fresh for a long time.

After going through some missions, you can turn your tank into a mean war machine that will help you reach higher scores.
You can also interact with the huge map, that will give your tank shoot-out a distinct background and unique atmosphere.

During the gameplay, each round drops you into a desert wasteland for an arena deathmatch against AI tanks along the game.
The game’s audio is sub-par, that make your tank’s mighty engine sound less like a roar and more of a gurgle when driving this tank.

These tanks are not the most agile vehicles around your tank handles like a barge, but there is a separate control for aiming your turret, which is useless since your tank will automatically target-lock as soon as an enemy is in range.

You can also see the radar displaying a bunch of symbols, in that you can try to aim your tank at the ominous skull on the radar and just drove for as long as my patience would allow, and nothing ever came of it.

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