Vertical Cliff Review

This game is based around rappelling, in which it is descending a cliff face with the aid of ropes and gear, but it puts an arcade action spin on it.
During the gameplay, you will have to dodge lightning, angry cliffside-dwelling birds, and failure state-inducing dead zones, as well as trying to maintain a rapid controlled descent down a variety of different tall environments.

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Later on, you will be able to unlock next levels by using a star-based system, where you can get the stars from various goals like completing a level with a certain score, within a certain time, or while maintaining a level of health or rope strength.

As an adventurer, you will go on an adventure to find the legendary treasures from the sheer cliff where you will go through 13 stages in total of the famous height and cliffs in the world.

In the stages, you will be disturbed in your way by traps, gimmicks and natural phenomenon and also various animals will attack you when you are trying to conquer each cliff.

On the other side, the base gameplay is centered around a contracting circle meter used to time your jumps.

And good results maintain the status quo, while Perfect ones gradually fill a combo meter, slowly increase the distance you can traverse in one jump and reverse the decay of your rope meter.

Bad and Miss results can leave your character not quite where they intended to land, on top of causing more rope damage and breaking combo chains.

New content unlocks fairly easily, as you can use the points and currency to upgrade your character’s abilities that will be handy for later stages.

So all you will have to do is to use only one finger then repeat “hold and release” rhythmically by specifying the point where you want to jump

This game will come to each stage with 25 missions.
In line with this, by clearing the mission, you will be able to unlock a new stage and enhance the status of your character

Make sure not to land in the danger zone as the game is over immediately when you do so
So stay alert of this zone for gathering more stars along the game

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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