All Star Basketball Arcade Hoops Game Review

A brand new arcade hoops game from Renown Entertainment entitled All-Star Basketball will get you to simply shoot some hoops.
This game comes with a little grind-heavy for those who want to unlock new modes.

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Playing this game will get you to experience the most realistic 3D basketball physics with next-gen 3D graphics and easy to use one touch swipe controls

To play this game is easy as you merely swipe to throw the ball.
And the speed at which you swipe as well as the direction will indicate how well you perform.

Anyway if you can rack up scores sufficient times in a row and the ball goes on fire, in which it is just like in NBA Jam that will come to more points.
Along the game, you will also be able to change up the angle in which you should take the shot.

At the beginning of the game, you can start with Focus Shot mode, with Quick Shot, Moving Hoop, and 3 Point Challenge opening up if you can unlock them with GP.

You can earn GP through scoring plenty of points as well as completing the missions that offer some form of structure to proceedings.
Then you can redeem GP that you have earned from single player or online games and you can show your personal baller style and the spoils of victory.

To customize your player, you will be allowed to access thousand of 3D customization combos limited only by your imagination
This game will also allow you to play online too, where you can find another player online at the same time
Moreover, you will have a chance to do some tons of customization options if you want to change around the appearance of your player.

In conclusion, this game is pretty simple to play, and it is indeed fun game where you will dive into a spare five minutes.
Plus, you will be allowed to access and use Power-Ups to maximize your score and beat your rival.
Later on, in online versus, you are able to play online and test your skills against live opponents

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