Battle Riders Review as Simulation Racing Game

This game is categorized in simulation racing games, arcade racing games, and car combat games where you will learn how accurate the driving physics are while getting blasted by hood-mounted machine guns.

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Similar to any other racing game, this game will allow you to drive laps around the competition.
Here speed is certainly important, and combatants can even the playing field by blowing each other away with guns, missiles, and mines.

You can also customize your arsenals and you can also even have dual-wield weapons.
During the game, you will drive through ammo pick-ups to restock, and weapon power doubles for a limited amount of time by restocking twice in quick succession.

Regarding to the control system, the game’s default controls get to emphasis fighting over racing where you will be provided with a brake button, but most other inputs are for managing guns.

In this game, your car will accelerate automatically so all you need to do is to smoothly go through turns and boost pads.
Along the game, you will have to earn credits to improve your ride post-match

However, if you get shelled too many times mid-race you can sacrifice some credits for a quick repair. Again, this game is an action-packed and satisfying set of mechanics.

Moreover, this game is made with graphics which are technically superb with a great sense of speed, powerful lighting, and cool, detailed car models.

But the tracks are sparse, simple, and boring as they are like the flat, no-nonsense courses of serious racing games instead of the glorious battlefields of car combat.

In the single-player portion features everything from regular races to elimination rounds to time attack.
Later on, when so many events use one dull track it starts to feel padded.

In addition, the sheer thrill of fighting and racing alleviates the repetition somewhat
Nevertheless, this game is still a very well-oiled machine to play.

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