Duke Dashington Review

Playing Duke Dashington is similar to the Wario Land series as the character looks like Wario and he is an adventurer in this fast-paced puzzle platformer game

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In this game, the Duke is in dire need of some help which is your swiping skills.
Along the game, you will dive from room to room, and he has only 10 seconds to reach the exit and survive for another level.

However, Duke can only stop moving when he hits something.
On the other side, he is not fond of spikes or other painful obstacles, that can be an issue.
All you have to do in this game is to swipe around, even in mid-air, so that you will be able to guide him safely to the exit.

This game is a slightly strange mechanic in that you feel like having limited control at first.
Stick with it though, as it feels more comfortable for later levels.

Controls system here are pretty simple than simply swiping but the level designs ensure that it is vary. Having good speed is of the essence at the beginning

After going through some levels, it is a time to get your timing pinpoint accurate so that you can bounce around without dying at all.
Throughout the game, you will be brought to keep going, while experimenting with your timing in order to progress for further.
And, you will get tough levels, especially after the first temple, but it is more challenging to win through.

In conclusion, this game proves that is ideal for quick gaming sessions
Moreover, this game offers a bunch of fun for the patient player.
Game Center achievements are also featured within, but the achievement of simply succeeding is still pretty good though.

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