Epic Island Review

Backflip studios has recently launched epic island that is overrun by epic monsters and outrageously epic titans where you will be brought to an epic quest to beat epic beasts and score insanely epic loot.

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You will see a legion of heroes then explore the outer reaches of Epic Island while defeating hordes of brutish monsters
You must forge mighty weapons and armor before going to the battle players in the glorious arena

In this game, you will control a merry band of heroes as you attempt to clear an island that is full of monsters.
To do this, you simply send each individual hero off to fight then wait some time for them to finish the battle.
Initial battles only take a minute but you will then go through plenty of battles that can take several minutes or even hours to complete.

After your hero has finished battling it out, you are able to tap on their profile to see how they did.
In line with this, you can gain experience and new loot

On the other side, this game goes some way to rectifying this by opening up other options.
For example, you can forge new items and combine ones that you do not need at the Blacksmith.

Then, you can also work towards challenges, as well as unlocking coins and the premium currency, Gems
As you progress in the game, arena battles with other players open up, then you can eventually unlock new areas and pets to help you out.

In the mean time, you will be spending a lot of time to check up on your notifications then progressing just a little way before doing it all over again.
This game is a great idea, but one that leaves you feeling like you are never really a part of it.

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