Gro Flowers with Bees and Honey Review

Gro Play is a unique case presenting a lovely combination of art and ecology which allows children to decorate their own flowers and also produces honey in need of being caught as it drips from the hive.
So get away bug spray bottles with a tap, then keep the bees safe and happy.

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This game allows multiple players to explore and interact at the same time as well as working together decorating flowers as well as dragging bees to like-flowers in the interest of pollination
At the same time, you can collect honey and discourage the use of pesticides as well
Also, you can experiment with when decorating their flowers.

Once you get a flower completed, you can bring a lush landscape where pollination occurs as they help navigate bees to the same flowers, allowing them to both collect nectar and to create new blossoms.

Meanwhile, the second flower that becomes pollinated disappears and two other flowers takes its place randomly on the screen, adding to the visual interest.

When seeding to grow into new flora, you will see more of a nod to plant fertilization, which allows you to see pollen of any color stuck to the bee and having it land on a sister flower
Then it will create new ones of this same color and pattern and you can have the bee turn its back to the screen to collect nectar from each blossom.

On the other side, before tapping a button releasing them into the wind, you can take a few moments to tap each flower variety to hear them sing which is a musical element with pitch-perfect.

Although at first we had some mixed feelings about having to, in effect, delete the flowers that we designed to start over again, my son was quite relieved to see that each flower he had created has been saved in a gallery. In the future, I would love to be able to choose a previous bud to reuse in these pre-designed colors and patterns as well.

Later on, you will be able to enjoy the process of creating new flowers while controlling a blooming landscape by choosing which flowers are to be fertilized.

You can also take every drop of honey to be collected very personally, as well as stopping the bug spray before any bugs are left dazed.
In addition, this game will include nice messages for children to learn natural environment.

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