Light Apprentice Review

Light Apprentice from bulkypix is a RPG integrating comic book story elements which is designed with touch in mind.
Here, you will be introduced with two players to the two main characters through some animated comic book panel-style drawings.

light apprentice walkthrough

Then, you will be brought to more into an adventure mode, and you will get involved in a majority of the experience which is played out in story moments and battles, in that both of which are built to allow players to abide by their initial moral choice or not.

This game comes with its gameplay structures that allow you to actually walk the walk of the dialogue-based moral choices.

Along the game is containing weighty, in which it is also grounded stories that humanize player characters in the face of a bad situation, only to later have players perform outlandishly violent acts that contradict the game’s story beats.
You can do all of this in Light Apprentice, which is kind of a neat idea.

Furthermore, this game is all too easy and all too short of a game with its interesting aspects to really go anywhere satisfying.

The combat operates off of a simple one-touch system that allows you to get through most battles completely unscathed
To finish it, yo may need a bit over an hour.

On the other side, this game is a linear, narrative-based experience, and replaying it will add little value to the overall experience.
If you play at this moment, you will get served with only “Chapter 1″ available for play, and you will get another in the future updates
Anyway, the app also features a restore purchases button, in which it means the new updated content will come with an additional cost.

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