Dodo Master Pocket Review

Dodo Master is so carefully crafted and well planned game, that will test your ability of jumping and dodging throughout the stages
During the gameplay, Your Dodo finds herself trapped in a dungeon with her eggs scattered there.
Here, you will be tasked to collect as many eggs as possible and clear each dungeon room to get her out.

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When playing this game, you will be helped along by a few nice touches.
Along the game, you will lead a female avian as the protagonist and you fully clear a dungeon room by gathering all possible eggs, as well as unlocking a hat.

At this point, the hat selection ranges from odd to goofy to hilarious one.
But, sometimes when starting over it, you will often get a missed egg and you have to complete finishing a room in an incomplete state.
On the other side, the aerial movement and controls really make you feel like a quasi-flightless bird.

Controls Options in Dodo Master are satisfyingly tight.
In line with this, each spike, rat and spider have very well defined hit boxes.
And, Traps are even given a small red particle effect to help distinguish from the lavish backgrounds.

In order to to being tuned very well, the controls are simple as there is the only non-X axis actions you can take are jump and ground smash.
Meanwhile, the double jump comes with a subtle audio clue as to how a dodo bird can physiologically perform a double jump.

Besides, the visual and audio quality in this game are nice ones with level feel organic and inviting. It is caused by this game uses audio to help you navigate rather than to distract.
Traps are given audio that you will probably notice before even seeing the trap.
Fire spouts sputter, rolling barrels creak, and swinging spike traps emit the sound of straining ropes.

On the contrary, the game’s length could have stood to be a little longer, but it was still appropriate given the cost of playing this game.

In conclusion, all of these issues are minor quibbles in an otherwise excellent game.
Moreover, you will find no iap within this game.
However, the total length of content could easily be changed with future updates.

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