Review of Dragon Quest 1 RPG

If you are RPG fans of rpg such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, the Mana series, or any other games in similar, you surely like dragon quest franchise.

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Dragon Quest is an updated remake of a truly classic game with cartoony and fun where the visuals strike a great balance between looking like something from an early-era RPG.

The music is good, in that you will usually hear the horn trill that sounds at the beginning of every random encounter.

The script itself is written in a faux-Shakespearian tongue, which is charmingly full of ‘thees’ and ‘thous’, that make this game for a fun, campy experience.

Again, this game is most assuredly an old-school game where a frequent auto-save and smoothly implemented touch controls are still implemented here.
Along the game, you will spend plenty of time simply grinding for gold and levels
Later on, it is too easy to accidentally wander too far into a new area only to have your face unceremoniously kicked in by a random battle.

Every time you die you will be teleported back to your starting location, penalized for half the gold you were carrying at the time, berated by the king, and set out again.
You will also get gear options with combat spells, commands, and inventory space.

On the other side, combat animations are virtually non-existent in which it is entirely up to the player to piece together their next destination by talking to every NPC they come across.

Anyway, this game represents a chunk of gaming history because of its limitations, but this game is still a fun game to play with.
In conclusion, Dragon Quest I is a fun, campy, difficult, thoroughly old-school RPG which will be dressing it up and making it presentable for a new generation of gamers.

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