Epic Eric Review as The Puzzle Platformer Game

Epic Eric is a one-touch puzzle game with some stages which allow you to achieve the goal that is to reach the princess.
Here, you will be able to add challenge with three stars that you can go after the challenge. Despite being somewhat of an also-ran, structurally speaking, Epic Eric is a completely competent and fun game.

epic eric walkthrough

Anyway, playing this game will involve taking control, where you can navigate around the world though swinging between rotating gears.
At the beginning of a level, all you will have to do is simply to tap the screen to make Eric jump and grab the starting gear.

From there, you will have to consider to time your taps so that you can get Eric from one gear to the next with the ultimate goal of sliding down a flagpole to rescue a captured princess.

After making progresses through the game, you will encounter new obstacles and environmental features that alter the simple one-tap gameplay.
You will see these features such as springpads, ramps, and bumpers, all of which serve to build complexity and keep things somewhat fresh.

On the other side, this game is worth to pick up and play and it has quick restart times for each level and it does not need a certain number of stars for advancing to the next.

So if you have to call a session off short, you can quickly reach the princess to keep your progress intact and then go back later to get a three star rating.
This star rating will make a quick and simple to bring in playing for the next levels

Meanwhile, you will be prompted to earn stars where this will get you to go through every level.
Anyway, there will not be really an incentive to earn the stars in the first place
This circumstance makes this game feel relatively empty for any player seeking anything more than a challenge to earn more stars.

In addition, this game is a totally competent game with a slight spin on a very familiar format.
It is not particularly challenging or deep to play, but it is fun to enjoy.

In conclusion, this new puzzle game puts a familiar format, and it also has a good sense of level design and mechanics to keep some features interesting.

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