Kunin Ninja in Training Review

Kunin Ninja from Dodreams will bring you to leap to the air in the next level of Ninja training.
This game is a combination of the sharpness of its steel and the strength of its twitch arcade gameplay.

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And your targets here are sharp and they sting so you have to use the utmost skill and accuracy to fend off blades when being in the air.
So you will be tested with ninja reflexes.

In this game, you have to try keeping your little ninja alive as long as possible by deflecting oncoming knives and throwing stars.
In the mean time, you can also tap each side of the screen that will get you to jump and to face that direction.
Turning the right way is important as threats come on all sides and strikes from behind are lethal.

Along each stage, you will be allowed to only jump four times, but you can continue to change directions during their descent.

Your bamboo base also begins to sink into the abyss if you can stay perched atop it too long, as well as putting pressure on you to think but think quickly.

This is an intuitive system that needs a good plan while still feeling natural.
Afterwards, you can rack up all kinds of combos and earn medals as well.

Successful play also triggers overdrive mode, where your ninjas can jump as many times as you want while slicing away at harmless rice balls.

Later on, the fluid, thick-outlined cartoon animation is super smooth and features pleasing, dark, saturated colors, in that it also creates a kind of fuzziness that obscures hitboxes.

You can prioritize which are the most immediately dangerous weapons to deflect becomes difficult, especially while coming down when performing your action.
Plus, retro graphics would have been preferable, but the hard lines of pixelated art is good as well.
In conclusion, this game is nice while featuring its flowing and rewarding quick action gameplay.

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