Ninja Smasher Review

Ninja smasher from rogue ninja is a throwback with NES-style graphics, in which it is fantastically worth and fun to play.
In this game, the story will tell you in a damsel in distress, where you will play as a ninja protagonist that must fight monsters, soldiers, and other creatures as they gather the supplies needed to rescue her.

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During the gameplay, this game involves exploring a sprawling map to collect items in order to traverse to new areas and get more items.
This feedback loop will always come up until you have all the skills and abilities necessary to reach the areas in the final section.

Later on, you will simply tap the screen to give the ninja a target to jump toward, and as he jumps he will also be able to spin his sword around.

When performing your combos, enemies within the path of this jump may receive damage, but you are also be able to specifically jump to attack any enemies within range.

It is a very simple solution to traversal control schemes on a touch device, it works really well with the game`s level design.

As making a progress through the game, your levels will get increasingly crowded with enemies, obstacles, and geometry

All of this will help in keeping the basic platforming in the game interesting.
However, moving from one screen to another by jumping once over and over again will make you quite bored to play for further.

The maker of this game will provide each screen with a string of enemies that allows you to time your jumps and attacks so you can zip across while dispatching all enemies in a way that is both challenging and satisfying.

After going for advance level, you will also earn additional traversal tools like a double-jump, fire ninjutsu, and a wall climb ability
All of these skills can allow for additional exploration options both in brand new sections of the map as well as old ones.

Again, this game is very simple graphics and environments, in which it is relatively easy to overlook since jumping and slicing enemies to move around is so satisfying.

In conclusion, this game is the best translation of a classic exploration game to iOS and android platform
On the other side, this game makes up your mind to accompany your leisure along the day.

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