Wil and Shelby`s Baseball Battle Review

A new game named Baseball Battle from moonshark is not a baseball simulator by any means.
During the game, you will not worry about grabbing bases, as it is just fun of pitching and batting.
On the other hand, this game is an easy game to dive into from now and later.

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This game will facilitate you to pay via friends or random opponents
Here, you will take it in turns to pitch and bat.

On the other side, controls are actually quite similar in both cases, but they are pretty good to use.
Along the game, you will pull back the bat in preparation to swing, before swiping to initiate that swing.
At this point, it enables you to change the trajectory by moving around, potentially affecting your chances for maximum points.

Pitching here is a similar process, that yo can do with a swipe towards the plate to fling the ball.
Moreover, pitching also offers up the perils of missing the plate, with a reticule allowing you to line up the shot the best you can.
Later on, this game will give you some power-ups that makes things a little easier, including the likes of curveballs to really confuse your opponent.

Anyway, each match is pretty short, with one round of each type of play before the option to rematch.
This game will assign you to earn coins for each game
Even, if you lose, you will still be able to buy new equipment and clothing items.

Those items will make a subtle difference to your skill levels.
Besides, you will also be able to upgrade your stadium.
In addition, this game is a pleasant distraction and it will be easy to lose yourself in for a few minutes in each match.

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