How to Gain High Score in 100 Balls for iPhone

When playing 100 balls game, just launch the balls in the right way for having the best score
This game is a really challenging and fun skill game where you will be given 100 balls and you must launch them into various glasses, lose as few as possible in order to get a score as high as possible.

100 balls guides

Furthermore, launching fewer balls will give you more chances to fill all the glasses and reduce losses.
So the more balls you launch, the more you will lose and when the speed of the glasses will increase try to keep it slow and steady

Throughout the game, make sure you will not let glasses disappear
Anyway, if you do not manage to put at least one ball in a glass when it goes under the launcher, you will lose that glass.
Because of this, try not to waste them, especially the colored glasses which give you more points.

Colored glasses create colored balls in that each of those balls will give you more points.
For such reasons, you can try and have as many colored balls as possible

At this point, you can determine that a white ball gives you 1 point, which will be better than getting no points
Meanwhile, always stay alert of your colored balls and especially glasses

In the beginning of the game, when the glasses are really slow, you will have to release the balls when the glass is getting closer
However, things will get trickier when the speed of the glasses increases at once.
Therefore, you must adapt to the growing speed and always release the ball at the right moment.

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