2048 for The Best Score Cheats on iPhone

Walkthrough of playing 2048 ketchapp game on iphone and ipad
a. Just swipe the screen in any direction to reach desired number
In this puzzle game, all you will do is to swipe the screen left and right, up and down or you can try to mix and match numbers on the board so that you can reach 2048 that will become your main goal to achieve.

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Furthermore, when swiping in any direction on the screen, the whole board will move including one and also all the way to the edge like in the wall or another number.

During in this phase, you must try and match as many squares as possible with each swipe and maximize the empty spaces that you have on the board.
Thus, if you have more empty spaces, you will get an easy access to actually match more.

However, some empty moves are moves that give you no match.
For such reasons, you have to reduce these as much as possible as each move that you take will give you an extra tile on the board in a random position.

If coming to this phase, you will not want to fill up on those, in which especially if you start getting high numbers, you will be difficult to match the small ones.

c. Try making a good balance of growth
On the other side, it will be a great strategy to balance your growth and not have one mammoth number and many small ones.

In line with this, you can try having about two highest level numbers ready to be matched at all times And make sure it is closely followed by increasingly smaller amounts and in pairs that will ready to be matched as well

As a result, if you get a single number to very high values, you fill up your board before you get a new one to match it with.

d. Get small titles built up for having more space
As making progresses through the game, you will get a bunch of small numbers like in twos and fours numbers for a long period that will be your main matching priority.

In you come to this one, remember not to let them add up and take valuable space on your board.
And, while you will match and mix the small titles, you will automatically be able to create bigger matches too as you move on.

e. Try to apply three direction only to make a big match
In addition, you can try to swipe the board in three directions only that will be right, left and down this way, whereby you will build up a pretty nice base of tiles at the bottom
After swiping up, you can take some time with a couple of moves and go for some nice chains in order to get some really high numbers.

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An accordance with this, applying this technique will get you a bit easier to match and reduce the places where new tiles will appear and you can also make them easier to use along the way.

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