How to Get Acorns Maps in Mushroom Wars Mini on iPhone

In mushroom wars mini game, all you will do is to collect some acorns as the the War Spirit in this game
And, you will only be equipped with five of these at any one time, but the meter refills over time.

mushroom wars mini tips

So if you buy the War Spirit upgrade, you will generate the acorn you spent if you get your victory from battle.
And when closing to your victory, remember not to automatically upgrade a building just because you can.

Then just concentrate on getting as many forces as possible to the frontline and seal the deal.
Note that War Spirit top-ups will take a lot of acorns, so use it wisely when your stuff is in battle.

In the multiplayer mode, you will have a chance of capturing every last building that you can.
Capturing a tower needs 30 units to overwhelm, so that you will have to take 50 in that matter.

Those 50 units you forgot about at the starting point are going to be no good to you when a far-away base is captured.
Therefore, you will be able to survive the capturing process and you will also have a decent defense for any early push your opponent decides to make.

However, if your opponent is building forces up slowly, you can be easily overwhelmed right after capturing so that you will have nothing left in the bank to defend yourself with.

Make sure to keep feeding new troops into your bases at the frontline while staying alert on the combat, and another on your resource situation at all times
On the other side, you must feed your offensive or defensive strategy appropriately.

During in the multiplayer, just fill up each building slowly, evenly across the map and expect them to crush any temporary captures you make.
Meanwhile, you have to keep your own strategy in mind and keep watching at the counters your actions may require.

You merely activate a rating multiplier via the in-app purchase store in order to climb up the rankings, and to have more than a little real-world money handy as well.
And it will be based on the multiplier you choose in which it will boost your ranking gains for a certain amount of time.

Note that you have to check the details very carefully before purchasing, and make sure you get the boost you actually want, and have the time to make the most of it.

Every base in this game has a counter above it, and it ticks up over time as new troops are acquired automatically.
And you can release them by drawing a line towards an enemy base with a finger-swipe

On the other side, you can shore up your defenses by feeding them into another base you own when you intended to release them.
The progress is automatic when it is put into motion and the marching cannot be canceled during that process.

You will be involve in the combat when units collide at bases and is, essentially, a battle of attrition.
You can simply capture an enemy base that that has a little troops than you so that you can start accumulating fresh troops.

However, if the enemy has a powerful army nearby on the map, they can march triumphantly upon you and reclaim their old base before you have acquired the necessary defensive troops.

In addition, you will also have to battle with area-of-effect towers which bomb troops until to be captured to grant their defensive power to you while trying to beat enemy tribes or capture key strategic locations

By doing so, you can increase the size of your army to complete the construction of your villages
And by having more smith shops or holding defensive towers, you can improve your weapons in that it will be needed to go for a battle and to lead your way to get a victory

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