Shells Cheats Aerena Clash of Champions for iPhone

Playing aerena clash of champion game will get you to accomplish the main goal that is to field a team of fighters and a ship, then you and your fighters fight against the enemy fighters and their ship.

aerena clash of champion tips

So the rule is simple as whoever either destroys the enemy ship first or the whole team of fighters first will be as the winner.
You will get involved in The Metropol Aetherbot Arena where you go if you want to engage in single player battles against computer controlled characters, as well as advance the storyline.

You can use this mode to rack up your experience and shillings, so that you can be more effective in the PvP battles.
In the mean time, you will need to spend the shillings later in order to shore up your team’s strength.

Along the gameplay, you can play either a league match or a friendly match.
A league match counts for or against your record
And a friendly match does not, but both types of matches will earn you the same kind of reward in exchange for either winning or losing after having tough battle

In accordance with new ship, if you buy the Arc, it will be dealing with damage in the center, allowing you to concentrate your defenders on either side of the ship.
Getting The Sparrow will only be vulnerable in the two middle lanes of the ship.

Besides ships, you must also buy more party members and you will be able to load up with more champions in battle, making it far easier to formulate a winning strategy.
Make sure to buy more shells, and your ship will have more ways to do damage to enemies and to their ships at a time.

On the other side, you have to stand on the Aether platforms in the middle of battle to charge your Aether faster.
Also, you will earn Aether each time that you get hit.
In addition, when an enemy gets killed, or when you lose or win the battle, it may be related ot hit points that you will earn during the stage.

Each time a character gets killed, the ship gets drained by the equivalent of that character’s max hit points in which this counts for both spawned characters and for new characters, so concentrate on attacking the easiest characters in order to quickly destroy the enemy ship.

For such reasons, you have to use your ship’s Aether attacks that is in lower left corner of the screen and your champions’ Aether attacks that is in lower right corner in order to deliver maximum damage toward your enemies along the game.

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