How to Get Gold Trophies in Age of Wind 3 for iPhone

Age of Wind 3 is a new pirate battle RPG, you and your crew will go around the Caribbean, all the way from Florida to Venezuela, while looking for treasure and firing cannon shots at anyone who gets in your way.

age of wind 3 tips

In the way of your voyages, you will need crew members and rum in that they are used up every time you go on an adventure.
You will be able to get rum from the shop, while crew can be collected from the tavern.
It takes time for them to come back though, so when you are running out, go to the tavern and the shop to fill back up.

Anyway, if the shop and the tavern both run out, you will normally have to wait for them to fill back up, or spend trophies in order to make them fill up instantly.

However, you can get them back without spending your trophies in which all you have to do is to set the time ahead on your phone and then going back to the game.

You can add one hour or what amount of time you take to take them back.
Remember not to collect them first.

Then go back to the date and time settings, set the time back to normal, and go back to the game, and all of the extra stuff will still be there.
Now, you can get your rum and members

When battling with opponents, you have to be properly targeting and evading is 99% of the battle.
In line with this, you must stay away from the side of any ships, and focus on defeating one ship at the same time.

To attack other ships, just aim at the target out in front of the ship as this is the approximate location that they will be in by the time the cannonballs hit.

Meanwhile, try to look at the map and wherever you either see a skull and crossbones or what appears to be a treasure map, in which it is where your next location you should go
Furthermore, you have to try to keep completing quests until Jack Benny is defeated, then you will unlock the shipyard because of this.

In addition, after getting the shipyard, you can build any ship that you want and you should add them to your fleet.
Let them do their thing, and keep your own battle strategy the same.

Later on, you will be able to use coins to upgrade them separately and upgrade your own ship the old fashioned way, with gaining levels and earning skill points.
You must also speed up the acquisition of ships with more rum and crew members.

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