How to Get More Fuel Gold in Aircraft Empire on iPhone

In playing aircraft empire game, you will build, manage and expand your own aircraft and send them off into the sky while unlocking exciting challenges, upgrading your aircraft and researching the latest technology.

aircraft empire tips

Later on you will have to work together with friends and other players then visit airports and claim rewards from every corner of the globe.
In the beginning of the game, you will build your regular planes and send them on routes to friends to get more coins and you can create fighter planes to challenge other players and compete in single player missions.

Furthermore, you will be assigned to complete the missions in that you have to learn all the basics to complete all the missions so that you can go through them and you can easily reach superior levels then upgrade planes and weapons accordingly by doing so.

If you need extra parts, you have to replay missions that you have already completed so that you can receive rewards and pieces for planes
In order to go for further, you must purchase all the plane spots if you have more planes you have running, you will get more money and XP points, plus you will increase mastery levels faster.
So always have all the airplane slots occupied and working as you can always change the planes that are used and the routes

After the weapon is unlocked, just tap to use it as any lost second might mean an extra shot coming from the enemy and might result in you losing the battle.

You also have to constantly upgrade the weapons that you unlock and keep them to maximum levels.
The weapons and carrier upgrades remain the same even when and if you change your planes, and make sure to keep your planes upgraded to the maximum because you will need them in top form during the multiplayer battles along the game.

After selecting your plane, you can paint all your planes the same
Meanwhile, replace one or change the route and you will not want to go through all the routes to find the one you are looking for.

Before going for your first flight, Captain Joe is a good route for starters
Early on, you will not need longer routes that your friends will give you, in that you need to send your planes as fast as possible to the closest destination in order to get that plane mastery up.

When flying to the longer routes, get rid of the planes that cannot get too far and only purchase planes that can cover the maximum distance and send them to destinations that are as far as possible.

Because of this, you will earn a lot more coins every few hours and you can focus on the warring side of the game instead of having to log in every few minutes to unload the planes from Captain Joe.
Besides, you must purchase a lot of fuel so when you find a good, low price, purchase large quantities of fuel.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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