Silver Gold Cheats in Alice in Wonderland A New Champion for iPhone

In alice in wonderland a new champion game, you must accomplish the main goal that is to collect some items including gold coins or silver
Here, you will play as a boy named Lewis or a girl named Carroll then explore, venture to various areas, and help the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat set up the tea party to helping protect Wonderland from the Red Queen.

alice in wonderland a new champion tips

Furthermore, the main goal is to walk around while collecting items from the various objects in Wonderland such as the mushrooms and the shrubs that can be used to complete some new quests.

Meanwhile, accomplishing different tasks will earn you currency and stars as well.
So the more stars you get, the closer you level up
And that will be only accomplished by completing simple, touch and tap based missions.

In the way of collecting those items, you will struggle to speed up the completion of quests
According to this circumstance, simply go around the area then tap every mushroom, shrub, and anything else that you can collect materials such as the well that can be used to build up a stash of items.
As a result, all you have done will lead you to complete the quests far more quickly.

In addition, keep doing so when going to the Underland or any other location, in order to facilitate the quick completion of quests.
Collecting some items will make you search everything
For such reasons, you can talk to people if you have nothing left to search and acquire at that time.

On the other side, everything that you acquire will eventually be put to use in the quest, rather than just being left behind in your inventory.
During the search of any area, just use a Possibility Potion while searching in remote corners as this will open up more new land.

In order to get the items, all you have to do is simply to connect the game to Facebook then add people who post in the comment box below requesting an add, or on the App Store review section requesting an add so that you will get free items as gifts even gold coins.
Once collecting gold, you can then spend them on either Wonder or Possibility Potions.

When crafting a potion, try keeping the Mad Hatter happy, or even selling a teacup in which the use of possibility potions will unearth different sections of Tulgey Wood, and delve into that misty section to uncover new items as the app’s high points.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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